How to transfer money into my wallet in Gieldawalut?

In order to pay in the funds in the first place you need to log in to Then on  “My Gieldawalut, payments and withdrawals” tab, click on the payment, choose the currency you want to pay in, then indicate the bank from which you want to make a transfer of funds. You make a payment from your bank account to bank account in selected from presented in the column on the right. Account must correspond to the deposited currency. That means, if it is done in EUR it should be made into the account currency EUR. Title transfer is individual for each user and is automatically generated. After the transfer, depending on the time of posting in the bank it is visible as the current funds.

Important: The correct title transfer allows rapid, automatic identification funds of the user.



  • Saving up to 9% in exchange
  • Online currency exchange 24/7
  • Automatic entering of funds

More on is a technologically advanced, modern and safe platform, which enables online currency exchange. For instance, when purchasing EUR 10,000, you can even save several thousand zloty.

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