More about Gieldawalut? is a flexible social currency exchange platform.

You will learn how much you can save thanks to the cooperation with the online currency exchange platform. Registration or, what is more, visiting the website, are not binding, since, before you make the decision on completion of the transaction, you can use the benefit calculator and currency calculator, useful applications we provide on the website Let us confirm the belief that it is worth staying with us forever!

Taking into consideration all the above issues, we have created a modern, completely safe currency exchange platform, friendly for each entrepreneur. In the case of a cooperation with, depending on the frequency and amount of transactions, your company can save up to more than a dozen thousand zloty within a month, since, contrary to traditional facilities, we do not charge currency spread, we offer beneficial rates and are flexible in negotiations. The only fee connected with currency exchange is a small commission – a maximum of 0.2% or much less, since, having exceeded the monthly turnover of PLN 200,000 you are going to have a discount on  We also offer free withdrawals in PLN to all banks, which will obviously also satify exporters.
In order to complete a transaction, you only need several minutes, as you do not have to leave home or the seat of your company (you only need access to the Internet), and therefore, you can devote your time to operations connected with improving your business. We guarantee a safe, efficient and simple fulfilment of each order. Chosing the best available rate, you have your money exchanged at once.

Taking into consideration the fact that very often entrepreneurs are our customers, we take care so that all formalities they need are dealt with. A company which exchanges currency through the platform, will receive a VAT invoice, which is an important document in settlement of monthly costs and a confirmation of transactions concluded on Obviously, it can be issued for any Customer, not only an entrepreneur, whereas you do not need to send any e-mails or contact us by phone in this case. A VAT invoice can be downloaded when you log in to your account, and later enter the “My Data and Accounts” tab.

Registering on, similarly to an Internet store or an auction site, you provide your personal details or details of your company. Is it necessary? Yes, because without them the cooperation with would not be possible. Both for your safety and for the safety of the platform, we need to have the possibility to verify from whom we received a transfer and whether the money was withdrawn by a person authorized to do so. We send an exchange order confirmation and fund withdrawal disposition to the e-mail address provided in the form, in order to guarantee the utmost quality of services, taking care of full credibility of each step you take within the account on A withdrawal must additionally be confirmed with a single SMS code sent to your mobile telephone number (therefore, we are asking for its correct entering). At the same time, we inform that, according to the Act on Protection of Personal Data, the information we are provided with shall not be made available to other entities, but only stored in our database and entered into the national register of personal data.
Cooperating with you can always count on the speed, convenience and beneficial rates.
We are available for you and your business 24/7, always and everywhere.



  • Saving up to 9% in exchange
  • Online currency exchange 24/7
  • Automatic entering of funds

More on is a technologically advanced, modern and safe platform, which enables online currency exchange. For instance, when purchasing EUR 10,000, you can even save several thousand zloty.

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